How to Prepare for NMAT

NMAT is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The management entrance exam is held for admission to 23 B-schools across the country. If you are determined to clear the test, it is important that you follow a systematic sectional strategy.

Preparation Tips

1. Select the section sequence carefully

As NMAT gives you liberty to select the section sequence, start with your strong section so that you increase your confidence level, and can gain a momentum. After attempting questions from your strong areas, move towards the weaker sections.

2. Increase speed and accuracy

NMAT is a time-consuming test and you often face time crunch as there are 120 questions to be solved in 120 minutes. Since there is no negative marking, you must attempt all the questions. You need to maintain a high speed while attempting the test.

Section-wise Strategy

The test has three sections - language skills, quantitative skills and logical reasoning skills.

1. Language Skills

This section has 32 questions to be completed within 22 minutes. Though this section is moderate in difficulty level but might give you struggle to complete the same within time. Practice is the key to ace this section.

Comprehension usually contains around 400 words and few questions generally fill in the blanks, preposition, jumbled paragraph, analogies, antonyms, and synonyms. 

2. Quantitative Skills

This section has 48 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. Questions in QA are mostly data interpretation and concepts based. Data Interpretation is time taking for those who do not practice and are not clear with the concepts.

DI will have a chart (bar and pi), caselets, and tables which will take time to solve. QA will have an easier part and will contain numbers, algebra, modern maths and geometry questions.

3. Logical Reasoning

This section has 40 questions and 38 minutes. In this section, Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Arrangements, Series, Numerical Grid, family tree are the topics to focus on. This section is very time-consuming which can be solved by managing time and attempting easy questions first.

Exam Day Tips

1. Time management 

Since the sections are time-bound, you have to manage the time carefully. Ensure that you attempt a maximum number of questions within the given time to fetch as much marks as possible. Since there is no negative marking scheme, you have to liberty to attempt as many questions as you want. 

2. Do not remain stuck with a question 

Since NMAT is a speed based test, you would not be able to afford much time on a particular question. Do not spend more than two minutes on a question. If you cannot find a way forward after reading the question carefully, move ahead with the next question. In case of confusion, mark the question for review in order to attempt later in case you are left with time. 

3. Revise

Before moving ahead to the next section, revise the section once. Check for silly mistakes or possible questions to attempt which you had left out earlier.