Seating Arrangement questions involve arrangement of persons in a circular table, rectangular table or linear arrangement with some given conditions. In order to solve these type of questions, best strategy is to develop a rough pictorial diagram. Once diagram is complete, questions that follow can be answered in no time.

Example 1

6 Boys are sitting in a circle and facing towards the centre of the circle. Rajeev is sitting to the right of Mohan, but he is not just at the left of Vijay. Suresh is between Babu and Vijay. Ajay is sitting to the left of Vijay.


Example 2

Eleven students A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K are sitting in first line facing to the teacher. D who is just to the left of F, is to the right of C at second place. A is second to the right of E who is at one end. J is the nearest neighbour of A and B and is to the left of G at third place. H is next to D to the right and is at the third place to the right of I.


Example 3

Siva, Sathish, Amar and Praveen are playing cards. Amar isto the right of Sathish, who is to the right of Siva.


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