If you are planning to take CAT exam, there are few things that you should know. Every year, about 2 lakh candidates appear for CAT

Competition is not easy.

Here are four myths (with realties) you should avoid.

Myth #1: First three days of CAT are very difficult

Reality: It is probably the biggest myth among the CAT aspirants. This myth is probably circulated by students who must have faced difficult questions during their CAT exam. But the difficulty level of exam differs from individual students. It also depends on your level of preparation.

Myth #2: Choosing a later date will give me an advantage of learning about other's experiences

Reality: This is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. CAT has a very large question bank which gives a unique paper for each CAT aspirant. It makes virtually impossible for anyone to memorize question paper to assist another candidate.

Myth #3: Percentiles are calculated by slot and days

Reality: Another popular rumor is that CAT percentiles are calculated by slot and days and thus one must choose a slot/day where the numbers of CAT takers are low or when good students are in a less number. This may be true in first two years of computer-based test, but not anymore.

Myth #4: I have heard that last few days are relatively easy

Reality: Difficulty level is subjective in nature and depends on individual candidate. Also, CAT aspirants use the word difficulty to pass their blame for low percentile and to avoid comparisons with other aspirants.