IIFT Exam Analysis

IIFT 2017 was conducted on 3rd Dec 2017 for admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) located in Delhi, Kolkata, and Kakinada (AP). The test was conducted across various centers in the country from 10 AM to 12 Noon. The duration of the exam was 2 hours with no sectional time limit.

Exam Snapshot

There were six sections this year as against four last year. Each of the sections had sectional cut-offs applicable.

Type Questions Marks / question Total Negative marks / question
Section 1 (General Awareness) 18 0.5 9 0.17
Section 2 (Verbal Ability) 20 1 20 0.33
Section 3 (Reading Comprehension) 16 1 16 0.33
Section 4 (Logical Reasoning) 20 1 20 0.33
Section 5 (Quantitative Ability) 20 1 20 0.33
Section 6 (Data Interpretation) 20 0.75 15 0.25
Total 114 - 100 -

The total number of questions that appeared in IIFT this year was 114 as compared to 123 last year. The reduced number of questions, however, was offset by the increase in the number of sections, from 4 to 6.

Section 1: General Awareness

The questions were from topics ranging from Sports, Corporate logos, Corporate entities, Govt policies, Stock exchanges, Currencies, and others. The cut-off in this section last year was 1.99.  

Section 2: Verbal Ability

The questions in this section were mostly based on English Grammar - identifying various phrases/clauses in the given sentences, Punctuation, and Prefix/Suffix. Apart from this, there were questions based on Analogies, creating a word out of jumbled letters and identifying its meaning, and replacing a part of a given sentence by the correct one.

Section 3: Reading Comprehension

There were 4 passages, with 4 questions each. The passages were from diverse areas. While one was on ‘Entrepreneurship, & Business (Groupon)’, another one was on ‘Literature’, whereas the remaining two were on ‘Financial crisis’, and ‘Business Management’.

Section 4: Logical Reasoning

The distribution of questions in Logical Reasoning is:

Description of the Set Questions
Distribution (Final placement of the MBA students) 5
Games & Tournaments (Football tournament) 2
Direction sense (Cricket players) 2
Input-Output 4
Logical Deductions 1
Data sufficiency 2
Arrangements (Seven persons travelling in a train) 2
Distributions (Sports telecasted on TV channels) 2

Section 5: Quantitative Ability

This section had a good mix of questions from diverse topics. The distribution is given as below:

Area Questions
Algebra 3
Numbers 1
Pure Maths 1
Arithmetic 8
Geometry 6
Venn Diagram 1
Total 20

Section 6: Data Interpretation

There were a total of three sets of five questions each, one set of three questions, and one with two. All the sets were based on Tables or Line Graph.