How to Prepare for IIFT

IIFT entrance exam is divided into various sections. The first step is to get familiar with the exam pattern and type of questions asked in the exam Learn the basics of each section. Refer last year sample papers to get overall idea of the exam.

1. Learn Basic Concepts

IIFT entrance exam is divided into various sections, and the foremost thing to do is to learn the basics of each section. Read books, solve last year IIFT sample papers, take online tips to learn the basic tricks and methods to tackle basic questions in each section. 

2. Focus on Sectional Preparation

The exam is of multiple choice objective type paper divided into four sections - English Comprehension, General Knowledge and Awareness and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation and Quantitative Analysis.

Preparing equally for all sections is important, as IIFT has a sectional cutoff. Attempting less number of questions in a section can affect the overall score of a candidate. Your preparation plan needs to have section wise preparation strategy.

3. Maintain Speed and Accuracy

IIFT exam checks for speed as well as accuracy. Time per question in IIFT exam is significantly lesser than that in other management exams. So, develop a good speed to attempt the questions within the time frame. 

4.  Practice Mock Tests

IIFT is a paper-pencil based exam and you must practise in a paper pencil based format. The most significant difference of IIFT and other MBA entrance exams is the pencil-paper format. To prepare for this difference take IIFT specific mocks in pencil-paper format.

5. Attempt Easy Questions First

You must learn to manage time well to save time for revision. It is important for students to attempt easy questions first while preparing for the exam and even while actually attempting it. The idea is not to get stuck with difficult questions and waste time.