What An Interviewer Expects

MBA Interview

Personal Interview, the name itself can make anyone nervous and jittery about the process. But it is not the interview which makes nervous, it is the fear of failing or not answering the questions correctly in the correct manner which makes nervous. And feeling nervous in the interview, there are very less chances (term taken from Probability) for success.

What does an interviewer looks for?

Knowing the answer to this question, the task of preparation for interview gets much easier. It is like knowing the syllabus for interview. Though, there are no specific qualities, still some can be listed

  • Basic Knowledge
  • Goal Clarity (Career Path)
  • General Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership & Management skills
  • Confidence

In a nutshell, interview is about checking the attitude while written tests check the aptitude level. There are many questions which are available to interviewer to judge an interviewee based on above parameters. Most Common Interview Questions lists down 10 interview questions you should be prepared for before facing any interview.

Three Points You Must Know About Yourself

1. Know Your Educational Qualifications & Experiences

Your interviewer will probably ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. You'll want to prepare by thinking about which strengths and weaknesses you want to highlight and which ones you want to avoid. Make sure that when you identify a weakness, you're able to talk about the ways in which you are actively working to overcome it. Back up your examples with actual stories. Be prepared for counter questions.

2. Know Your Resume

You should know every detail on your resume - dates, positions, job responsibilities, skills, achievements, awards won, additional skills, etc. Make sure that you can connect the dots between your past experiences, your qualifications for B-school, your future goals and how an MBA will help you.

3. Know Your Objectives & Goals

What do you want to do after your post graduation? How did you arrive at such a goal? Which experiences motivated you to pursue this dream? How will an MBA help you arrive at your final destination? Be clear on your short term (0 to 1 year), medium term (1 to 5 years) and long term (greater than 5 years) goals.