List of Some Essay Topics

Many B-Schools are replacing Group Discussion (GD) with Essay Writing, some have added Essay Writing as one of the important components for post exam admissions process.


Some of essay topics from the past years admission process:

India National Affairs

  • India should develop fighter jets on its own and not buy them from abroad.
  • Allowing Foreign Universities in India is bad for the country.
  • Education and medicine are no longer noble professions, they have become commercial
  • More than one billion Indians:  A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities.
  • India has the largest pool of talented manpower, but very few innovations and patented products.
  • Food Inflation is the result of Indian Government's mismanagement and apathy.
  • What should government do to attract the youth to armed forces?
  • Government should not negotiate with terrorists for hostages
  • IIM should make one year of social service compulsory for all students
  • Failure of population control measures is a blessing in disguise for India
  • Media has become a tool of propaganda for the rich and the powerful
  • Discuss the steps that can be taken to improve food security in India
  • To ensure better quality of urban life, India should restrict the migration of people from rural to urban.
  • India versus Bharat: a divided nation
  • How should women empower themselves?
  • Child artists are an exploited lot today
  • Diversity is not an indicator of inclusiveness
  • Are Gandhian values irrelevant for society today?
  • Should Nehru's temples of learning remain elitist?
  • We should conserve and protect our rich monuments
  • Yoga ? A forgotten ancient notion or eastern repackaging?

Indian Economy & Business

  • Discuss the role of Public Private Partnership in India's Economic Growth
  • The recent financial crisis highlights the perils of Capitalism
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Should Petroleum Subsidy go away?
  • Discuss the strategies to promote the tourism industry in India
  • Ethics in Business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Should government roll back the economic stimulus?
  • Is disinvestment in profit making PSU's advisable?
  • Our Governance and Political System share a deep mistrust for Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign direct investment will revitalize the education system
  • Businesses should concentrate on making profits and not address social and environmental Issues
  • Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence
  • Discuss the impact of free trade on economic development of developing countries
  • Indian Economy in the Post WTO Era
  • Indian economic development is not reaching to the people who need it most.
  • Recession is the mother of innovation.
  • Business houses should take greater social responsibility.

Political Issues

  • Voting should be made compulsory
  • Women's Reservation Bill
  • Banning politicians with criminal records from contesting elections is against their right
  • Union Budget is a useless exercise and activities like recession puts it off?track
  • Should there be a minimum educational qualification for being a M.P. ?
  • Breaking down larger Indian states into smaller will lead to better governance and development.

International Topics

  • Giving Barack Obama the Nobel peace prize would reduce its value
  • Does India have a role in Afghanistan? Discuss
  • India should follow the Chinese example of rapid imitation rather than focusing on fundamental innovations
  • India will become a superpower in near future


  • IPL is good for business but bad for cricket
  • Hosting Commonwealth Games and World Cup Hockey is waste of money
  • Even with a billion population India is lagging behind in sports


  • Economic growth without environmental damage - a mirage or a reality
  • Global Warming is a fictitious devil created by scientists
  • Is climate change alert an exaggeration?
  • Earth provide enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed need

Science & Technology

  • Is Nuclear Energy the best way forward for India's ever growing energy demands?
  • Chandrayaan - showcasing India's technological prowess or wasting scarce resources?
  • Should we ban genetic engineering of plants and animals?

Abstract Topics

  • Ships are safer in the harbour, but they are not meant for the same
  • Great men think alike but group think results in poor decisions