Latest Group Discussion Topics

  1. FDI in higher education: a boon or bane?
  2. Is Wikileaks release of US diplomatic cables good for democracy and transparency?
  3. Does India need a super regulatory body for higher education?
  4. Role of government in monitoring the economy in relation to recession
  5. Will a caste census help in bringing better development of depressed classes?
  6. Is a little corruption acceptable in developing countries?
  7. Weather developing countries should control the emission of carbon?
  8. Exodus of rural population from villages to city
  9. Is the youth of India confident or confused?
  10. Creating more states will disintegrate India
  11. Will FDI in retail open gates for more job opportunities?
  12. Nuclear arsenal is no longer a deterrence but threat to human race
  13. Being Informative Doesn't mean becoming Knowledgeable
  14. Indian electorate is getting smarter
  15. Freebies won't make citizens responsible and authorities accountable
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