Group Discussion (GD) Topics

MBA aspirants shortlisted by the top B-schools must be prepared with the latest and most important WAT and GD topics in order to sail through the rounds successfully and convert the calls. The GD topics for MBA can range from anything and everything and can vary from different sectors of news and information.


Latest Group Discussion Topics

  1. FDI in higher education: a boon or bane?
  2. Is Wikileaks release of US diplomatic cables good for democracy and transparency?
  3. Does India need a super regulatory body for higher education?
  4. Role of government in monitoring the economy in relation to recession
  5. Will a caste census help in bringing better development of depressed classes?
  6. Is a little corruption acceptable in developing countries?
  7. Weather developing countries should control the emission of carbon?
  8. Exodus of rural population from villages to city
  9. Is the youth of India confident or confused?
  10. Creating more states will disintegrate India
  11. Will FDI in retail open gates for more job opportunities?
  12. Nuclear arsenal is no longer a deterrence but threat to human race
  13. Being Informative Doesn't mean becoming Knowledgeable
  14. Indian electorate is getting smarter
  15. Freebies won't make citizens responsible and authorities accountable

GD Topics by B-Schools

Topic B-School
Cultural diversity impedes democratic governance IIM Lucknow
All decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums IIM Lucknow
Changing role of women actors in Bollywood IIM CAP 
The issues in the Indian Education sector MDI Gurgaon
Sustainable Development in India DMS, IIT Delhi
Space research projects are a waste of money IIM Lucknow
Are conventional retail stores competing with E-commerce market and what can be the possible future? IIM CAP
Have coaching institutes in India just become a source of business? IIFM Bhopal
Demonitisation DMS, IIT Delhi
India’s diplomatic ties with China IMI Delhi
Can technology help in preventing Money Laundering? Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon
Sports and its benefits DMS, IIT Delhi
Development alternatives for the rural economy IIFM Bhopal
Indians are good at being second best but not first MDI Gurgaon
Loose lips sink ships IIM Lucknow
Centralization of Indian Public Sector Oil companies will be a boon IIM Lucknow