Case Study Based Group Discussion

The Group Discussion that is conducted in the B-School admission process can be of several types. Group Discussion on a Case Study is a growing form of GD at the top B-schools.


Many top B-schools including IIMs conduct case based GD in the final round of selection process. In a case study based group discussion, first the candidates are asked to read the case. After that, they are required to analyse the case and discuss on the basis of the points with the group members. In a Case Study GD, caselets dealing with real life situation in the corporate world are given for discussion. You will be given a set of information, a situation, a problem and you will be expected to produce the probable solution of the case.

Tips to Remember in Case-Study GD

If you are given a role which you are supposed to play at the end of the caselet then in such a scenario you should step into the shoes of that role, look at the problem from its angle, and then discuss the case accordingly.

If you are to discuss it from a third party point of view, you have to look at it in a more holistic way. In case, the case is not specific in this regard, then you could assume the role of a third-party, look at the case objectively from all angles, and discuss it likewise.You will need to develop and present a framework.

Try to include SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; while discussing the case study. Identify the main problem in the case and its possible causes. At first you will have to understand what the problem is and exactly which the area you need to look at is.

On the basis of the problem, you need to come up with two to three possible logical and analytical solutions that you think will work for the particular situation. You also need to analyze the pros and cons of the solutions or suggestions you have made. Then finalize which one is the most feasible option to approach.

Don't forget to summarize in the end.