A preposition connects a noun (with or without an article) or a pronoun to some other word. Prepositions are also called the little words of English.

Examples: (on, into, over, to)

  • It stands on hills.
  • The swagman jumped into the billabong.
  • England is over the sea.
  • She told the good news to him.

Prepositions of Time

Preposition Examples
on on Sunday
in in the morning / in June
at at night
since since 1991
for for 3 years
ago 5 years ago
before before 2008
to from Monday to Friday
by by 7 o'clock

Prepositions of Place (Position & Direction)

Preposition Examples
in in the car / in India
at at work
on on the table
beside standing beside the car
under under the table
below below the surface
over climb over the wall
across across the road
through through the tunnel
towards towards the house
from from the garden
about talking about exams