The first MAT of the year was conducted by AIMA on Sunday, February 5, 2012. The exam was conducted in the paper-pencil based format. The basic pattern of the exam remained the same. MAT tests on the basis of four sections, which are Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning and Indian & Global Environment. However, the scores are given on the basis of the first four sections only.

  • Number of Questions: 200
  • Marking Scheme: 1 mark per question
  • Negative Marking: 0.25 marks per question
  • Number of Sections: 5
  • Number of Choices: 4
  • Duration: 150 minutes

Language Comprehension

The section had a mix of questions from Reading Comprehension and English Usage. There were five passages. Most of the questions were factual. The questions from the English Usage area were on Para Jumbles, Vocabulary, essence of the paragraph etc.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency

This section had a mix of questions from Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency and Data Comparison. The questions in DI involved were based on observation, calculations like comparison of fractions, computing the average, percentage based calculations etc. The topics of the questions were bar graph, line graph, caselets, pie chart etc.

Mathematical Skills

This section had a mix of questions from Arithmetic like Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Geometry, Time and Distance, Averages, Mixtures and Alligations and Higher Math. The questions from Higher Math were on Trigonometry, Heights & Distance, Permutation & Combination and Probability.

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

This section had questions on Analytical Reasoning and Critical Reasoning. The majority of the questions were on Analytical Reasoning and the others were on Critical Reasoning. The questions on Analytical Reasoning were on the topics Seating Arrangement, Direction Sense, Distribution, Missing term in the figure, Distribution, Seating Arrangement and Venn Diagram. The Critical Reasoning area had questions on Assertion and Reasons, Cause & Effect and Statement & Conclusions. 

Indian and global environment 

This section had predominantly questions from business, current affairs, person and their associated fields, etc.