IRMA 2011 had 4 sections with a duration of 120 minutes.

English Comprehension

Number of question in this section were 40. 

Topic Marks Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension 15 Moderate
Cloze Test 10 Easy
Sentence Correction 10 Moderate
Paraphrasing 5 Hard

Quantitative Ability

Number of questions in this section were 50. The main focus of the QA sction was Data Interpretation (DI), with only 3 questions representing the quant part, on probability, and 5 Data Sufficiency questions. 42 out of the 50 questions were on DI.

Topic Marks Difficulty Level
Quant - Probability 3 Moderate
Data Sufficiency - Arithmetic 5 Easy
Line Graph 5 Easy
Pie Charts 5 Moderate
Bar Graph & Pie Chart 5 Moderate
Bar Graph (Passport Offices) 5 Moderate
Bar Graph (Product sales) 5 Easy
Table (Admissions, enquiries) 5 Easy
Table (Marks in 3 classes for students) 5 Moderate
Table (Expenditure in Universities) 5 Easy
Percentage increase between years 2 Easy

Analytical Reasoning

Topic Marks Difficulty Level
Seating Arrangement - Circular 7 5Hard
Seating Arrangement - Square 5 Hard
Coding & Decoding 5 Easy
Deductions 6 Hard
Data Sufficiency 5 Moderate
Distribution 7 Hard
Odd man out 5 Easy
Letter Arrangement 4 Moderate
Miscellaneous 2 Moderate
Inferences 4 Easy

Issues of Social Concern

There were 60 questions in this section. Most of the questions asked were from development programs, agricultural organizations, personalities, economy, awards and environmental issues. The level of this section was normal.