ATMA Syllabus

The syllabus is based on the preceding trends and questions in the previous tests. ATMA has total of 180 questions divided equally among six sections. Each section contains 30 questions and time allotted for each section is 30 minutes. The total duration of the exam is three hours and all the questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Exam Pattern

Section Area Number of Questions Allotted Time
1 Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30 minutes
2 Verbal Skills 30 30 minutes
3 Quantitative Skills 30 30 minutes
4 Verbal Skills 30 30 minutes
5 Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30 minutes
6 Quantitative Skills 30 30 minutes
  Total 180 180 minutes

Though, the paper is divided into six sections, majorly there are three main sections, each of which is repeated twice.

1. Analytical Reasoning Skills

This particular section examines your analytical and logical skills. There will be a set of questions based on logic, and you have to select the correct answer.

Strike the Odd one out Blood Relations Analogy
Arrangement of letters Visual Reasoning Syllogism
Coding-Decoding Verbal Logic Data Sufficiency
Statement - Conclusion Number Series  

2. Verbal Skills

This section examines the verbal or English skills.

Reading Comprehension Sentence completion Grammar
Word meaning Synonyms & Antonyms Jumbled sentences

3. Quantitative Skills

This section examines your mathematical skills. The topics covered under this section are:

Percentage Time and Work Pie Chart and Bar Graph
Profit and Loss Number System Mensuration
Time-Speed-Distance Data Interpretation Basic Arithmetic
Simple Interest Compound Interest Algebra
Probability Average Coordinate Geometry
Progression Inequalities Allegation
Ratio and Proportion Variations Set Theory Quadratic Equation
Functions Logarithm Series