MBA Distance Learning

Gone are the days when education was just confined within the four walls of the classroom. Distance education and learning is the new entrant in the field of management education and fast growing year by year. With advancement in computing networking and technology, distance learning (or distance education) has merged with online learning (e-Learning) as most of the education is imparted through computers and internet.


What is Distance Learning

Simply put, distance learning is the mode of imparting education that contracts time and space between the instructor and the student due to geographical or time constraints. Correspondence programmes are designed to help meet the best needs and requirements that arise when learning takes place outside the domain of traditional classroom. Distance learning has reversed the dynamics of education; instead of the student going to school, the school now comes to the student. 

Why Distance Learning

No doubt, distance learning is becoming a viable and hot option as it enables students to complete a degree due to its flexible approach. However, with more flexibility comes more responsibility on the part of the learner. Students must learn to work independently without the constant monitoring as in classroom regular program. Thus distance learning is best for students with high degree of self-motivation.

Distance learning programmes allow students to study at their own speed and time, or get additional job-training while balancing work and family commitments. It is also a great for students who are in geographically remote areas or those who cannot attend regular classes. In short, it removes all barriers of time and location.

Six Advantages of Distance Learning

Lets recap quick benefits of management distance education which can motivate you to join such a course. 

  1. Removes geographical barriers
  2. Age is no bar
  3. Flexibility in completing couse
  4. Uses next generation technology
  5. Course fees is much lesses
  6. Can be pursued along with regular job

To Summarize

You can pursue correspondence and distance learning MBA courses without physically attending the lectures on campus. You will get the study material and intimated about the exam time table. Generally, it is a 3-year course. Now-a-days, distance learning has taken a new form with Virtual Classroom coming in, wherein institutions broadcast lectures and any individual with Internet connectivity can attend lectures online in real time.

Distance education courses are popular among those who cannot quit working, to do a full time MBA and whose work does not permit availability for a part time course. It acts as a value addion on your resume. Many employers do not recognize correspondence MBA as a preferred qualification, and it does not involve the competition for a full time MBA seat in India due to lack of an entrance test. Peer to peer learning is not there without classroom or networking opportunities.