Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT

Preparation Tips
Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT

There is less than a week to go for the CAT. Some aspirants would have gotten trained for this for around a year, some of them attending again for improvisation and some of them with a lot of dreams for the first time. With just days left for the exam day, here is what you can do to ensure a better preparation before you appear for the exam.

1. Verify Exam Venue

It is not always studying that is all about to prepare for an exam. There are few other aspects that need to be taken care to avoid last minute tension. If possible, go to the exam centre that you have planned to attend in prior and check if it is the right place. By doing this, you would also not be lost elsewhere just on the day of the exam if you miss the route. Go to the spot and verify the venue.

2. Sleep 

You have studied hard all round the year for CAT. Now, stretching for extra hours might decrease your percentile. If you are doing your last minute studies, see to it no matter if you sleep late night or wake up early, you get eight hours of sleep per day. You could probably take in between naps and compensate the sleep. However, it is not advisable to change your sleep pattern at the last minute.

3. Food

Don't risk having ice creams or any other foods that can have an immediate impact on your health. It is better to avoid outside food so that your hard work for all these days don't go in vain by falling sick on the exam day. Ideally, avoid oily foods and stick to eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and juices. Have adequate amount of water. This habit will have an impact on improving the performance of your body and hence help you study better and organised.

4. Revise

Revision is very important for the exams. As much as you want to cover the unfinished portions, there is no use if you end up forgetting the ones that you studied earlier. So dedicate a day or two to revise what you have already studied. This will boost your confidence levels too. You could probably make pointers of the lessons so that it will be easier to revise.

5. Mock Tests

It is good to take mock tests to test your preparations. But limit the number of tests that you take. Maybe one or two per day will do good. Don't take too many tests that make you feel overdone. Keep calm and take the tests confidently. If you feel that you are not able to answer a lot of questions in the mock test, first prepare those unknown questions and avoid mock tests all together. This would not only help you identify the unknown answers but also eliminate negativity.