How to Solve TITA Questions in CAT

Preparation Tips

IIMs had introduced TITA or Type In The Answer questions in CAT since 2015. TITA or the non-MCQs do not carry any answer options and you have to answer the question by typing your answer on the virtual keyboard with the help of mouse and submitting by clicking on the 'Save & Next' tab. Since CAT TITA questions do not have negative marking scheme, you must attempt all such questions. On the other hand, owing to the lack of options, CAT non-MCQs can be time-consuming as well.

Number of TITA Questions in CAT over the Years

Year VARC DILR QA Percentage of TITA Questions
CAT 2017 7 6 7 20
CAT 2016 10 8 7 25
CAT 2015 10 24 14 32

The total number of questions in the test is 100, out of which 34 each in VARC and QA and 32 questions in DI & LR. Each section is timed for one hour. Three marks are awarded for each correct answer and one-fourth negative marking is involved for each wrong answer of MCQ questions.

Tips to Solve TITA Questions 

1. Attempt all TITA Questions

Since these questions do not involve negative marking, you should definitely attempt these questions. 

2. Time Management

Generally, the type of TITA questions can be time-consuming owing to the lack of options. The non-MCQs in Quant and DI sections are difficult to solve because of the long calculations and absence of elimination method, which is a core advantage of MCQs.

3. No Guessing

Theory of elimination is one of the major and most popular methods utilised by CAT takers for the MCQs. Hence, test takers have to actually solve the entire TITA question and deduce the answer. This makes the questions time consuming as well.

4. Attempt TITA Questions in the End

Since the non-MCQs can be time-consuming and difficult to solve, it is the best way to answer these question towards the end.

5. Section-wise Strategy 

There is no uniform strategy to attempt CAT’s TITA questions. You have to select the questions which would be less time consuming and easy to solve. You have more chances of getting the accurate answer in QA than in VA. For VARC, try to solve RC first before moving to VA. For QA, the TITA questions most probably are simpler than MCQs.

Types of TITA Questions

While the non-MCQs or TITA questions of Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC) sections are lengthy and tough, Quantitative Ability questions are easy in nature.

  • VARC: Para Jumbles, Summary, Odd Sentence Out

  • DI & LR: Tables, Arrangements and Venn Diagrams

  • QA: Arithmetic, Algebra, Numbers