How To Improve CAT Score

Preparation Tips

it is important realize that the CAT preparation is divided into two parts. Each part is as important as the other. Part 1 is the development of basic concepts. Through conceptual development and practising questions, you can focus on developing a strong theoretical background in each section of the exam. Part 2 is test taking or mock CATs. Any preparation for CAT cannot be completed without a significant number of tests taken by you.

What should I do to improve my test scores?

Suppose you are scoring 75 percentile in your tests now, does it mean that you are on your way to a second-level B-School? No way. Taking a jump from 75 percentile to 90 percentile is not related to how much you study. You can easily do it by working smartly on your part.

A critical issue in CAT preparation is the ability to overturn errors. In the question, where individual questions carry three marks for a correct answer, and -1 for an incorrect answer, the net result of an error is four marks. Just four errors overturned would give you an additional 16 marks, taking you from around 75 percentile to 90 percentile levels.

Types of Silly Errors

Errors of Calculation

These errors are committed in the Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation sections only. Errors of calculation include basic mathematical operational error or using incorrect formulas.

Process-Based Errors

A single-step error in solving a question. Again, these errors  are committed in the QA and DI sections only.

Over Reading Errors

Questions you get incorrect due to the fact that you did not read the question properly. This error can occur in any section.