IIM Ahmedabad Placement Package Drops in 2013

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) has published audited results of its flagship post-graduate programme (PGP). This is the third report after the institute announced it would adopt Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS).

The economic slowdown has impacted placements at India’s premier Business school, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. This year, maximum salary packages for the post-graduate programme dropped by 8% to Rs.37 lakh. Last year, the figure was about Rs.40 lakh. The maximum earning potential is the total of the fixed yearly component, one-time cash benefits, maximum possible performance-linked compensation during the first year and all other salary components. The minimum earning potential also fell 13% to Rs.6.5 lakh from Rs.7.5 lakh last year.

International Hiring

In addition, international hiring at IIM-A fell 65%. Of the 360 students who were part of the B-school’s placement process, only 15 were placed in international locations as compared to 42 last year. The maximum earning potential in the salary package for international placements declined to $150,000 this year from $166,926 last year. For international offers, the minimum fixed yearly cash component stood at $21,077, while the median stood at $38,956.

More than 130 firms participated in the placement process in 2013, including the laterals (placements for graduates with work experience) process. Among global investment banks, Goldman Sachs was the largest recruiter that has picked 7 students for roles in financial markets as well as quantitative strategy.

The maximum salary package for domestic placements came from the banking and financial services sector, with a total guaranteed cash payment of Rs.35 lakh. The median for the domestic salary package (mid-point between highest and lowest salary) was Rs.16 lakh.

Banking and financial services, consulting and the IT sector companies offered the highest salary packages.

In terms of volumes, the consulting sector offered the maximum number (total 114) of jobs. Boston Consulting Group was the top recruiter, having picked 15 students. Among the new sectors, 27 graduates bagged offers from online services and real estate companies.

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